BZR™ Cooling Pillow Pad

BZR™ Cooling Pillow Pad

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Our Cooling Pillow Pad is an amazing pillow designed with a smooth soft technology and a water-filled cool film keep your head cool, dry, and free from perspiration during your sleep. No more sleepless night and say goodbye to puddles of sweat on your ordinary pillows.

Have a Good Night Sleep
Ordinary pillows usually trap body head consequently increasing perspiration but with Cooling Pillow Pad, your head is kept dry and cool because of the water-filled cool film, you can enjoy the most comfortable and cool sleep at night.

Helps Reduce Hot Flashes
It's customized to cradle your head providing incredible comfort and it will also fit perfectly with any pillowcase. You can lay it on top at night and you can wake up feeling relieved and wonderful.

Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights
Cooling Pillow Pad is perfect as a cool compress for headaches, migraines, back pains, and even aching feet. With it, you can chill all night long and say goodbye to sleepless and uncomfortable nights.

Absorbs And Releases Body Heat
It uses the technology of continuously circulating water to absorb and release body heat. It can either rest on top of the user’s regular pillow and be used as an added cooling layer or placed inside of the user’s pillowcase for maximum comfort.

Control Intensity with Soft Cover
Includes two sides - one with soft webbing for more intense heat or cold and the other with a thicker soft plush side for less intense temperatures. Just flip it over to change the intensity