BZR™ Old Man Mask
BZR™ Old Man Mask
BZR™ Old Man Mask
BZR™ Old Man Mask
BZR™ Old Man Mask

BZR™ Old Man Mask

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WAIT... Thats Not Your Real FACE!!!
Fool everyone this halloween with our BZR™ Old Man masks. 
Brand New Sculpting System
Our brand new 3D sculpting system allows us to bring you the most realistic old man masks. You will not find this quality anywhere.
Skin-safe Platinum silicone
All our silicone masks are made of breathable, ultra-flexible, skin safe, platinum grade silicone that not only creates an illusion but keeps you in character and sweat free.
Seamless Eyeholes
For extra realism, our masks come with the smallest and most comfortable eye hole possible. Allowing you to see clearly without any discomforts.
Power Mesh Reinforced
Our silicone masks are reinforced with a 4-way stretch fabric in strategic areas, like the mouth, eyes, ears and nose to ensure superior durability without limiting movement.
Bib Coverage
Part of the reason our mask looks so realistic, is that they are built with a large bib that will make the neck and chest match the face. Making the mask look even more realistic.