Original All-Round Sleep Pillow



I’ve tried this pillow for about 2 weeks and I really like it. The shape really attends to my type of sleeper which I’ll go into sleep lying on my back and go side by side during the night. I especially like how it supports my head when I’m on my side; with regular pillow I have to put my hand underneath to raise the height a little bit and sometimes it cuts my circulation like that. I will recommend to my friends who have sleep habits like me. Also I can prop it up when sitting on the bed to support my back.


I have a bad neck and using this pillow for the last 2 nights since getting it is like night and day difference from my normal pillow. It feels so great! And I can lay on my sides as well without issue and it gives great support. Will definitely be getting more!


I haven't been able to get comfortable for years, I've tried dozens of pillows, each one a waste of money until now. I always felt like my neck was too high or too low on other pillows. I felt like I needed something under my chin to align correctly. When sleeping on my side I used to lose feeling in my arm when my chin would drop to my shoulder. This pillow solves all of those problems. Will buy again.